I hope Heaven has humor!!

I hope Heaven has humor!!
Our Family 2010

My Crazy wonderful Family

My Crazy wonderful Family

Friday, July 15, 2011

Been Slacking. . . . . . . .

This has been quite the year for changes for me.
I started back working for Weber County schools again, just until I could find something better. I also started cleaning a ladies house in South Ogden on Mondays.
I quit selling Avon this year it was just not fun anymore.
Well now I am working a dentist again, it's a pediatric office and it's alot of fun. The people I work with are all very nice and down to earth.
I had a grandson born in April, and one in May and soon I will have another in August. Our family is growing very rapidly! But I love being Gammy Penny. There is nothing better in the world.
We are now in a different ward our Stake was reorganized. We really like our new ward. I am a Relief Society teacher again. I do love this calling but I still get so nervous. Garth is a ward missionary.
So anyway we have had quite a few changes in our life this year.

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Little Reagan


The little girl in the mirror

There's a little girl
in the mirror
who's looking at me
I smile at her
and she smiles back at me
I press my hand to the mirror
and her hand is pressed to mine
the little girl in the mirror
she knows what I know
sees what I see
feels what I feel
because that little girl in the mirror is actually me
By: Penny Fowers

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