I hope Heaven has humor!!

I hope Heaven has humor!!
Our Family 2010

My Crazy wonderful Family

My Crazy wonderful Family

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Competition time

The first dance competition of the year. Shalie and Kandice did very well. Their team took an overall and most of Kandice's studio took 1st's. And Kandice got overall on her freestyle. It was fun to go and watch. It's alot funner now that their older and they have to get themselves ready, then when they were younger and mom had to stress about everything. Now I can just kick back with the grandkids and enjoy watching the show! Way to go girls you did great! and look awesome!!
Landon was so tired after playing hard at grandma's he almost took a nap in the swing, ya that's almost!!

It was so fun watching them play outside with the goat and wagon it was as fun for me; actually it was funner than Lagoon! I also enjoyed having all three of my kids there. They are so busy with jobs, dancing, being parents. But I am so proud of them, I couldn't be any prouder! They are great people.
Brex got to play for a little bit with all the little ones before he went to work. Reagan and Taylie are enjoying their first ride of the year in grandma's little wagon.This is the best toy ever! Good investment
The grandkids were having a great time in the play room! Looks like little tornado's struck the room!
Landon is such GOOD BOY!!

It's already March!

I can't believe how fast this year is going. I have 45 days left of school. It's all gone fast!
Garth and I have been remodeling it's tiring but it's so fun to see the results and to say, "hey, we did that ourselves.
I have been having so much fun with my grandbabies. They are getting quite the personalities. And it might be a little bit because I am their grandma, but they are sooo smart. I love my little cutiepatooties!


Little Reagan


The little girl in the mirror

There's a little girl
in the mirror
who's looking at me
I smile at her
and she smiles back at me
I press my hand to the mirror
and her hand is pressed to mine
the little girl in the mirror
she knows what I know
sees what I see
feels what I feel
because that little girl in the mirror is actually me
By: Penny Fowers

Beautiful Trails