I hope Heaven has humor!!

I hope Heaven has humor!!
Our Family 2010

My Crazy wonderful Family

My Crazy wonderful Family

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

At Mom and Dad's place

Mom and dad are so proud of there Iris's

Dad loves their cat

Dad likes to scoot around in his scooter.

Mom loves to show people her flowers

Dad zooming around

fun pics from this summer 2011

Tay playing out in grandma's flower garden

This is where we put the play ground, Garth just got the ground ready.

Taylie and Bandito playing in the fountain

Reagan playing with the neighbors dog through the fence.

Little Rue you are sooo cool!

Baby Robin

This is a baby robin. It was the last one to fly from it's nest. The nest was up under the roof of the grand kids play set. there was like six or seven babies ,the nest was plumb full! That momma robin was smart making her nest in there it was protected from the storms and animals. It was fun watching them grow and leaving the nest.

Crosby's blessing day

Garth and Brex

Shalie and Crosby

Shalie and Taylor

Brexton, Jenna and little Reagan

Jenna and Shalie

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

At Taylor's and Shalie's Barbeque

Little Porter and

Little Crosby

Taylor and Crosby

Kandice and baby Porter
Tay and Little Rue and Reagan all had to climb up Taylie's playset. They grow up so so fast!

Jenna and Brex had to get in on the fun too!

Go Reagan go!

Uncle Brex helping out Little Rue

4th of July 2011

Dad, Mom

Dad and Mom standing by the Vetran's Monument

Shalie, Crosby, Taylor and Taylie

Garth, Dad and Mom at the breakfast at the 4th of July


Little Reagan


The little girl in the mirror

There's a little girl
in the mirror
who's looking at me
I smile at her
and she smiles back at me
I press my hand to the mirror
and her hand is pressed to mine
the little girl in the mirror
she knows what I know
sees what I see
feels what I feel
because that little girl in the mirror is actually me
By: Penny Fowers

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