I hope Heaven has humor!!

I hope Heaven has humor!!
Our Family 2010

My Crazy wonderful Family

My Crazy wonderful Family

Thursday, January 20, 2011

What to do!

I don't know why it is, but I always get in the duldrums this time of year!
I have been looking for jobs and waiting for the IRS to contact me. I have decided I am not a very patient person. I also have a hard time staying home. I can only clean the house so much!!
I have been put in the Young Women's as an advisor and I love it! I love the girls they are great and so are all the leaders. I am working on my personal progress along with the girls I never recieved my medalion when I was in young women's growing up because I was not active in the church. So I am working for it, it is one of my goal's to achieve the personal progress program.
If I don't get a job soon, Garth and I will probably be eating tuna for lunch and dinner, I guess I need more faith that it will all work out!
Well enough moaning for the day. I will get back to cleaning the house and if anyone gets an idea for a job, let me know.
Yours truely,
Jobless, Penny

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  1. Penny I'm so glad i get to see everyonce in a while at the salon. I'm glad your doing good as well as the family!!



Little Reagan


The little girl in the mirror

There's a little girl
in the mirror
who's looking at me
I smile at her
and she smiles back at me
I press my hand to the mirror
and her hand is pressed to mine
the little girl in the mirror
she knows what I know
sees what I see
feels what I feel
because that little girl in the mirror is actually me
By: Penny Fowers

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