I hope Heaven has humor!!

I hope Heaven has humor!!
Our Family 2010

My Crazy wonderful Family

My Crazy wonderful Family

Friday, August 7, 2009

Little Taylie

As you can see I haven't got many pic's of my little Taylie lately because they are tripping. They have gone to California to visit Taylor's brothers so my little angel is going to have to catch up on her pictures when they get back and Shalie has promised me a picture of Taylie in her tootoo that Shalie made for her. So I am still waiting. They better send me some pictures from California. Oh what the heck I miss them all and can't wait for them to be back! But I do hope they are having fun in the sun.

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Little Reagan


The little girl in the mirror

There's a little girl
in the mirror
who's looking at me
I smile at her
and she smiles back at me
I press my hand to the mirror
and her hand is pressed to mine
the little girl in the mirror
she knows what I know
sees what I see
feels what I feel
because that little girl in the mirror is actually me
By: Penny Fowers

Beautiful Trails